About Our Durango Orthodontist – Dr. Dave Williams

Dr. Williams is one of the few Durango orthodontists in the 4-Corners region who has earned Board Certification by the American Board of Orthodontics, an elite honor the result of many years of successful treatment of complex cases of dento-facial dysplasia (mal-alignment of the cranio-facial-dental complex).

To be a dentist it is necessary to graduate from college with outstanding grades and earn usually a Bachelor of Science degree.  Then the individual must pass rigorous dexterity tests and academic achievements during the 4 year dental school program, culminating in successful passage of The State Dental Board examination:  All the above is mandatory with the professional obligation to demonstrate successful yearly continuing education in a university environment.  The practitioner is now trained both clinically and academically to practice general dentistry.

A step beyond is an achievement only a limited number of dentists can successfully pursue, i.e., acceptance in a university graduate program for several years that is approved by the American Dental Association for training as a dental specialist with an earned certificate and a Master of Science degree from the University Graduate School.

To become a premier care provider the orthodontic specialist treats a large variety of complex dento-facial anomalies.

After many years of successful orthodontic therapy for many patients, the orthodontist may choose to present the completed cases for examination by the American Board of Orthodontics.  This achievement is only granted to a very few.  Dr. Williams successfully earned all of the above qualifications so that he could provide the highest level of care for his young patients.

durango orthodontist

Dr. Dave’s Credentials

  • Phi Theta Kappa – National Honor Society (Boise College)
  • B.S. University of California (Berkeley)
  • D.D.S. University of California Medical Center (San Francisco)
  • Annual Award for Outstanding Achievemnent in Periodontics at University of California Dental School
  • Pediatric Dental Practice (Denver)
  • Clinical Instructor at University of Colorado Medical School (Denver)
  • Premier Orthodontic Residency Program (studied under Dr. Allan G. Brodie – Chicago)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Orthodontics at University of Illinois Dental School (Chicago)
  • M.S. University of Illinois Graduate School



durango orthodontist

Another patient of Dr. Williams displaying her beautiful smile

For 25 years Dr. Williams has exclusively practiced dento-facial orthopedics and orthodontics in the Durango area. The goal of Alpine Orthodontics, LLC by Dr. Dave Williams, BS, DDS, MS is to bring State of the Art orthodontic treatment to our young patients in a friendly, thoughtful and professional environment,

The mission of his life is to treat the wonderful facial anatomy of the human body and bring improved health, function, facial esthetics, balance, harmony and longevity to the altered structures.

These treatment endeavors can lead to an improved sense of well-being for the individual and many Blessings in life’s journey.

Dr. Williams and his staff receive a great deal of satisfaction from thoughtfully and professionally caring for children and adolescents with dento-facial developmental problems.