Our Durango Orthodontist Treatment


durango orthodontist treatmentThe American Association of Orthodontists recommends children see an orthodontist as early as age 6 or 7.  The orthodontist will evaluate the child to see if limited early treatment may help eliminate more serious problems from developing. This early treatment may allow the teeth to erupt into a more normal position thus avoiding the need for extraction of permanent teeth.

Detrimental habit patterns such as finger sucking, tongue function, mouth breathing and speech impediments may also be corrected and the self-esteem and well-being of the young patient can improve with avoidance of injury to protruding upper front teeth.

Also, full orthodontic treatment for teenage patients is performed while they are actively growing which will allow for better tooth movement and greatly improved results.

Traditional Mini-Metal Braces

metal braces durango

These are the most common type of braces for orthodontic patients.  Our metal braces are small, comfortable, and less noticeable.  They are made of high grade stainless steel.  We are able to straighten teeth using these brackets and arch wires held in place by rubber elastic rings.  Patients are able to choose from a wide variety of colors and can change elastics at each appointment.  We adjust the wires every 2-3 weeks in order to gradually encourage the teeth to move into the correct position.

Removable Retainers

metal braces durango

Retainers are necessary to keep teeth in the correct position after braces are removed.  Teeth may move after orthodontic treatment and retainers must be worn indefinitely.  Retainers should be brushed with soap each day to remove plaque and odors and then stored in a hard case for protection.

Why is Brushing So Important?

Photo Above: An example of scarring of teeth after removing braces 

We recommend patients brush at least 3x per day and floss regularly so teeth and gums stay healthy. Regular visits to your dentist for cleaning and checking for cavities is also recommended. If proper dental care is not taken, decalcification or scarring may occur.


In select patients who are young and growing, the tissues of the mouth and face, both soft and bony, can be molded and shaped with judicious application of forces derived from orthodontic appliances (BRACES).

The above treatment regime in most cases, with cooperative and enthusiastic patients, can lead to many life enhancing benefits. The dentition (TEETH) of the mouth will last longer with less dental work needed as the years progress.

A salient feature of this type of oral-facial therapy is the psychological feeling of the patient regarding their own self-esteem and well-being (a beautiful or handsome face can bring many pluses along life’s journey.)

All of these factors equal the blessings of “Health”

patientmeAn example of


Notice the improved lip line and chin contour.  This amazing change was accomplished with State of the Art  CONSERVATIVE ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT on a young growing patient.

Patient R.E.

This patient demonstrates in Stage I, II, & III an alternative modality of Tx.  This procedure manages the problem of wisdom teeth in the Anglo-Saxon culture.  It can develop a normal bite with healthy jaw joints and a FULL “STELLAR” SMILE.

Patient R.M.

State of the Art orthodontic treatment on young, growing, cooperative patients showing significant growth stimulation of the facial structure.